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wtb Mosin 91/30

edited June 2013 in Wanted
Would like to pick one up again, prefer to pick up locally so i can properly inspect before buying. even if its still caked in cosmoline. ill even make a build tread on here.


  • They randomly have cases of them at cabelas for $100-200 depending on the case
  • a big thank you to Screetchers for finding me a 91/30 still in cosmeline! cant believe how fast these went from dime a dozen to kinda harderish to find. i suspect might go with the ammo shortage with 7.62x54r is still relatively easy to get.
  • cant wait to do a build on this!! Russian Sniper!! (insert stupid generic accent here)
  • archangel stock?
  • Grayguy" said:
    archangel stock?
    yup! among other things
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