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Is this thing on...HELLO OUT THERE!

edited April 2013 in Introductions
Hey eveveryone, coming at you from Kaukauna, Wi. Name is Nick and was told to get my ass on over to this lovely little community. I'm not to big into guns but if its out of metal & perhaps has an engine then I dig it. My recreation vehicles consist of a 1991 Nissan nx2000 awd and turbo, 1966 hona cub moped, 1951 mercury 4dr bagged, shaved & soon to have a turbo then finally a 1931 ford model A rat rod. I'll throw pics up once my computer comes back from the Dr. I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you guys at some meets.


  • Welcome to our board, you have a hell of an impressive sounding garage! ive done a little bit of work in the kaukuana area, nice place from what i remember. excited to see some pics of your ratty A
  • Woah man, you sounds like to have some fantastic toys! Definitely post up some pics, I would love to see some of the work you have done, especially that Cub ;)
    I fuckin love those! Hunting for one for my lady actually.

    Welcome to the forum man, great to see another dude who loves to hammer and weld
  • Welcome Nick! This man has some serious fab skills! When the weather breaks, I will be heading your way to hit up some junk yards. Hopefully there are some NX's still around.
  • this isnt the maroon awd turbo nx from sr20forum that had the really elaborate build thread that made me drool is it?
  • That would be the one. IIRC it is the only 1 in the world.
  • Just got my computer back so here are pics as promised.

    51 Mercury in current condition, fully shaved and on air

    91 Ford Inline 6, built head

    Currently working on the floor



    1956 Honda Cub Moped, just doing a restoration on it

    1931 Model A, bought it this way. Scrapped the hack job of the frame & picked up all materials to start the new chassis.


    1991 Awd Nissan NX2000



  • Gotta say, I'm jealous. =)
  • DAMN!!!! love the merc, and that has to be the cleanest nx engine bay evvvvver!
  • Wow, you sir are a badass
  • Holy shit that Merc is an awesome project!

    I love the Cub too! I have been hunting for one for a long time!
  • Damn Nick, you got some bad ass projects. I will have to try and stop up sometime this summer. They still have some NX2K's in the yards around there?
  • Thanks for compliments guys & haven't made it out there yet Ben. I'll try to find out for you.
  • amazing toys!
  • nice meeting you this weekend, always nice to put a face with a name.
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