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Two Car Setup - Regal and Miata

edited March 2013 in Rides
Daily Driver/Winter Car, 1997 Regal LS with 202,000 miles. Hand me down vehicle, still drives great and no visible rust; aftermarket audio.
2001 Miata LS, 85,000 miles. First car purchase, driven up from AZ in February 2013 with the gf. Would like to turbocharge eventually and get the power to weight ratio to be off the charts :)


  • Love the Miata. Would make the perfect summer/track car, if you felt so inclined.
  • Yeah, I'm itching for summer to come - I'd like to take it for a track day just to test its limits and get more familiar with higher speed cornering, etc. Don't plan on making it a regular track car, but I'd like to try it out!
  • Take it to an auto-x event in the cities. There are a ton and it's a great place to get your feet wet with racing. There are a few clinics too where you can gain some technique from veterans of the sport.
  • Oh and please slide on over to the Inteoductions forum and make a thread. That way the crew can say hello.
  • I'll make an intro now; what's the best way to find the auto-x events and clinics? Cheers! -Ian
  • ^That site is excellent. All the info you need! :)
  • Yeah, I think I may take their 2 day driving clinic - can't really go wrong for $50.
  • Sign up quick, they fill up crazy fast.
  • Just signed up, thanks for the heads up :)
  • That's awesome man. Good to see ya dive right in! It will be $50 very well spent. I know a couple guys up here have taken those clinics and they got a lot out of them.
  • Another awesome place to find events is
    You can search by zip code which is nice to find events close or far.
  • Thanks Mike B - that is useful indeed. I saw "Boosting for Boobies" there, hehe.

    Also, I just checked out the updated list of drivers at the Autocross. There are 3 Miatas including me, and is the most common car there. Other interesting entries include a 73 Triumph GT6 and a '05 Prius, LOL. The Prius is the only entry from a female driver as well.
  • Miata will always be the most common since they are basically the ideal car to autoX. From what I've heard they usually dominate the stock class.

    I would love to see the GT6 run! I fuckin love classic British cars!
  • Yeah, I'm curious to see the GT6 as well - I've never seen a Triumph in person although by dad used to own one. I wish he would have kept it around!
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