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edited March 2013 in Introductions

My name is Ian, I'm from Mendota Heights and am moving to Saint Louis Park this March 2013. I've posted my two cars, the '97 Regal and the new to me '01 Miata LS. Looking forward to getting to know more about autos, engines and some racing now that I've got a capable car that's entirely mine, the Miata that is. Bring on summer.


Also, this is what I look like for if you see me at any events, etc.



  • Welcome!
  • Welcome to our forum!
  • For us northern folks... Where are those city's by? I'm half if not fully retard. Most guys on here will agree.
  • really gibs... its in the cities...
  • Gibby, Mendota Heights is a southeast suburb near Eagan and West St Paul, south of St Paul. Saint Louis Park is a western suburb just west of Minneapolis. Does that help?
  • Sell the Miata, throw a turbo kit on the Regal LS and be done. I had a '00 Regal GSE and had my fair share of mods on it. I believe I was running about 13 psi of boost and stupidly running on 87 octane and blew the motor. It was fun as shit while it lasted!

    Anyways, welcome from up North!
  • Haha sell the Miata?! Brodie you have some interesting suggestions.
  • Jake" said:
    Haha sell the Miata?! Brodie you have some interesting suggestions.
    agreed im a GM man through and through but the man wants a track car and what better than a miata!
  • LS swapped miata?
  • Hey Ian. I was worried I wasn't going to be able to find you from your username, but I see you have encoded your name in a very solid enigma. Welcome to the forum! AND DONT SELL THE MIATA.

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