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cheap wheeling XJ

edited April 2013 in Cars
I know there is some interest in this possibly here, so i stole it off my offroad clubs site.
jeepsus" said:
Thinkin' I need a change of perspective....i(at least the view of this rig out my kitchen window)

One "experienced" XJ's.

93 - 4.0 5 spd. only 11x,xxx some odd miles. I have owned it for 8+ years. Wheeled in Gilbert and over here, lots of snow bashing.

Welded Rear - lunchbox front but still 3.08 gears. Full Case SYE.
265/75/16 MT/R's not many miles but lots of scars, 2 or 3 matchinfg spares.

Floors have been patched up - rockers gone - solid drivetrain.

Currently ready to go. Winch not included. $1500 PM if serious.



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