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Interesting civic issue

edited March 2013 in Tech
Ok so lng story short my buddy grenaded his main tranny pump and a shop diagnosed it as a seized motor. We pulled the motor/tranny and found it was the tranny. Got all the new parts, put everything back together and now the car revs feom about 1500-3k on its own at idle and throws a p0141 code. I know there are a few of you that know hondas so I figured I'd see if you had any insights. Oh and the car is an 01 EX coupe with the D17A2 motor


  • Is it a "hunting idle"? Or does it; Revs up, drops, revs up, drops non-stop?
  • rev up and drop non stop
  • Idle Air Control Valve issue. Check your wiring and vacuum lines. If everything is ok then remove the IACV and clean it out. There will be a small screen in the opening, remove that and make sure it's not plugged.
  • Yes IACV is a common issue, and or a vacuum line. Check vac. lines first as you just had the motor out and might not have hooked on up correctly.
  • vac the fucker is pissing coolant!!! this civic might be the death of me! just hoping it's not a head gasket
  • Fixed it all and the bitch is good to go!!!
  • Good to hear man. Those little issues sure can be baffling sometimes
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