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1996 Nissan 200sx SE-R VE'd 70K Miles

edited March 2013 in Cars
Well the time has come to move on. Up for sale is my 200. I am the second owner and have owned if for the last 5 years. The car is 95% completed and just needs some finishing touches to get it on the road. Here are the specs:

1996 200sx SE-R
SR20VE purchased from Soko in CA last fall
NO Rust on Body(only just a tad in the A-pilars)
B14 Trans
Brand New lightened flywheel
Brand New Comp stg 2 clutch
B&M Short throw with Nismo knob
JWT engine mounts(all but rear trans and I have a prothane insert for that)
SSAC Header.
MSD 8696 Window box(new)
B15 distributor modded for the VE
Taylor 10mm wires
Fresh plugs, cap and rotor(all nissan)
VRS 3" exhaust with Apex-i WS2 knock off muffler and Magnaflow high flow cat
Lucino grill and JDM crystal clear lights. with 10K HIDS
Injen Intake
Walbro fuel pump
B13 seats
Both new O2 sensors
New fuel injector harness
New Crank sensor
Converted the IACV so you dont have to cut the harness
Stainless braided brake lines
Godspeed Alum. radiator(small pin hole, will include stock radiator)
12" slim fan
Tociko blue shocks with eibach springs in the front and S-tech springs and AGX's in the rear(need to be installed. Stock suspension is still in the rear)
Eclipse deck
Battery relocated to trunk

Extras and new parts that need to be installed:
I have a CF hood as well as a spare trunk and spare side window glass.
ES Shifter bushing
Stock headlights and clear corners.
Stock grill
Fog lights w/hid bulbs
New Tie rods
New brakes-Hawk front pads, Wagner thermoquiet rears
New Control arms with new ball joints and ES bushings
New rear O2 Sensor
I will include a DET block/head. Head has a port and poilsh and the block has headstuds.
17" wheels, only 3 rims have tires on them, and should all be replaced .

Passenger side axle seal is leaking(I have brand nissan seals included)
I have put a stock maf and a stock set of injectors(260's) in it to get it running. I will include the N60 MAF and stock 333cc injectors with it.
Radiator is leaking, will include stock one
Needs to have suspension and steering parts put in and aligned.
Only spot of rust is in the typical door jam area and its not that big.

The body is in pretty good shape. The front bumper is a little rough due being cut up for intercoolers. There are some typical small dings and scratches for being a 16 year old car. Interior is fairly clean but the carpet is a tad dirty. All in all it is a super clean car and it will be extremely hard to find such a low mile B14 true SE-R. It does need some TLC, but it is a solid car. The reason the price is cheap, is I need the space for a different project and need to get rid of this car soon.


  • I don't even see a price?

    Pics might be nice too. Does this thing run on 91? If this was finished would it make a good DD/commuter, kelsey's WRX gets 18-20 MPG and she drives 65miles a day to work/back and we've been looking for something for that commute
  • Shit, my bad. I thought I had it in the add.
    I want $3000 for it. I have that in just the swap.
    This will make an awesome DD and it will get 30+ if driven for fuel mileage. At this point it will run and 87, but with a new ECU, you can tune it to what ever you want. Call me sometime and I can explain everything about this car. 608-438-2572
  • Also, the Z will be making a trip down here on a trailer and I am sure the trailer could be used to haul this thing back if needs be.
  • Well as good of a deal as that is for that car, that's outta the beater budget for sure. Good luck with the sale
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