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Official DSCE Meetup/B4B/ProKart 5/4/13

edited May 2013 in Meets and Events
Ok here we go,

If we all want to cruise to B4B as a group we can meetup at the hotel at 9:00a.m. and cruise over as a group.
Hotel address:
Comfort Inn
1321 E 78th st.
Bloomington, Mn. 55425

Head over to Boost for boobs(B4B) at Modern Automotive Performance hang out and do that thing. Everyone remember they have changed locations. its now at:
Modern Automotive Performance
9800 Hemingway Avenue South
Cottage Grove, MN 55016

More info:

At 7:30pm We have ProKart Burnsville reserved for us. Info they sent me:
Thank you for choosing ProKart Indoor Racing to host your upcoming “Grand Prix Package”. This letter is to confirm your event at our Burnsville facility on Saturday, May 4, 2013 with track time starting at 8:00 p.m. The fee for this event is $62.00 for each participant. There is a required minimum of eight drivers and maximum of twenty-four. You will be required for the fee for any drivers your group is short of the required minimum of eight drivers.

Please inform your guests they should arrive at ProKart Indoor Racing twenty minutes before the start of the event. This should allow ample time for all drivers to fill out the waiver and attend a mandatory driver’s briefing. It is imperative that your group arrive on time for your briefing and scheduled start time, since we are closing to the public for your event duration and may have other facility reservations afterward. If we have to start your event late due to your group’s tardiness, your event will conclude at its scheduled end time, without a reduction in price.

It would also be helpful to inform all drivers that ProKart Indoor Racing does not allow kart-to-kart contact, kart-to-barrier contact, or dangerous/reckless driving. IN the strict interest of safety, ProKart Indoor Racing personnel may, at their discretion, either penalize or disallow any individual from further participation for safety infractions. ProKart Indoor Racing also requires that drivers dress appropriately for go-kart racing. This would include that drivers wear appropriate footwear, flip-flop/clog type shoes are not allowed.

Also not say were alcoholics but if your doing this please do not drink before hand! If they even suspect or smell etc. you will not be allowed on the track they stressed this to me heavily on the phone. If you want to bring your own helmet you can(not required) but i know some of us have our own and might want to use them(Must be full face racing helmet).

Like it said above there is a MAX of 24 spots ill start another thread just to claim your spot. It will be first come first serve. If the $62 is a sticking point for a large number they have noted we can downgrade to the $52, or $42 package.


From there I have arranged group pricing and block of rooms At the hotel below(same as earlier meet up point).
Comfort Inn
1321 E 78th st.
Bloomington, Mn. 55425
(952 854 3400) ... sota-MN015

Group pricing is $69.49
To guarantee this price and part of the block you must reserve your room by April 17th!
Call and the group is Under"Midwest Motors"
There is a attached Outback steakhouse/bar also free shuttles to the mall so we can get a our drink/party on or whatever.


  • Great work Steve! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
  • Reserve me for the $62 karting package.
  • Mike B" said:
    Reserve me for the $62 karting package.
    Everyone has to do the same package but thats what were signed up for at this point
  • Good work Steve! I am down fo sho!
  • We are in, and we've stayed at that hotel before. The pool is actually 8ft deep, There is an outback steak house attached, and if I can keep a kid from stealing Kelsey's Swim goggles from her in the pool AGAIN we should all have an awesome time!
  • ^Nice! This could be a really hootenanny!
  • who has actually reserved a room? has anyone had troubles?
  • i had a couple issues but they got resolved. I have a room reserved for alyssa, molly, jamie, and myself.
  • sheet! I will call tomorrow for our room
  • I have mine booked for Fri/Sat night.
  • Hotel booked for saturday night!

    For those of us coming down Saturday AM, when do we want to leave town?
  • If we meet down at the hotel around 9am like stated in the first post we'd have to leave by 630 at the latest. Id say meet up at 6am and leave before 630?
  • booked my room for saturday
  • im booked up fri/sat
  • well be leavin on saturday morning...
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