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Ok,ok...Settle down now...

edited June 2013 in Introductions
Hello! It's Kelsey, or as some like to call me "Den Mother". I've been around the last 6 years and try my best to keep everyone on task when it comes to meets. It's not always easy to make reservations at restaurants but someone has to do it! Thank you Google :) I don't know much about working on cars but I believe the following allows me to qualify myself as a car girl.

1) In high school I helped a State Trooper change a flat. When i got to him he had the spare on and was using the flat to "hold up" the car.
2) I was voted most likely to fix your car my senior year.
3)I have a strong belief that if your car is rattling, a good bump will fix it ;) or bend your rims...
4) When my 90 Cabriolet was totaled while parked at home I told 911 my baby was missing... I also asked who would steal a 90 Cabriolet...
5) I watched my boyfriend buy 14 cars in a year and still married him a year later. Love you Grayguy!
6) I drove my 99 RS from the first street parking ramp to the Hicken house with a busted axle and rear diff.
7) I can't see living without a minimum of 5 vehicles for my husband and I. (Towing, off roading, fast/fun (his and hers) and commuter)
8) I love my Subaru even though it is a gas hog and costs me as much as my house payment to drive every month...
9) I work nights but hate missing all the fun car stuff! I have fallen asleep next to drag strips, while Off Roading (tie your head to the headrest!) and while ice racing.
10) I couldn't imagine my life without my car addict husband, family or friends. Even if some of them choose to drive a Honda... ;)


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