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Plastic welding?

edited March 2013 in Tech
Has anyone done it? or know anything about it?

Im trying to morphodite a couple center consoles together and thought that this might be a possibility, either that using some body filler on my seems then painting.


  • I have a plastic welder setup & have done it before. Did some patch work on a front bumper and radiator shroud already. Its doable with the center consoles but you might have to fiberglass over the seams. Not sure how well body filler would hold up on plastic.
  • hmm maybe ill just glass my seems, if i brace behind it should be plenty strong enough.
  • That would work to. If you do plastic weld it, i've been told that you should always put some wire mesh within the groove for added strength. So make a groove, put some mesh in then melt the plastic over top. It will look & feel rough which requires sanding for smoother finish if desired.
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