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My new baby.

edited June 2013 in Rides
So, I was hanging out at my buddy's place a while back, and he said he was thinking on selling his Yamaha Radian. I've ridden it before, and liked it, so I snapped it up.


So far I've put like 10 miles on it, thanks to Mother Nature's PMS this spring, but damn is it fun. I just gotta find the side covers for it.


  • Haha fuckin sweet! Looks like it's the grown up XS. 600cc?

    You going to leave her stock or go nuts?
  • Yepper, 600 cc. WAY faster than my CX500. Gonna clean up a few things, but mostly stock for now. I'm thinkin on getting the CX500 a little more cafe styled, but I'm waiting until I get past 90 days at the new gig.
  • Nice, the CX does make a surprisingly sweet cafe. I swear Honda saw what Moto Guzzi was designing and tried to recreate a Honda version
  • Yeah, I found a cafe seat for the CX500- was ready to buy until I saw the shipping was $90. I'm like, 'fuck THAT'.
  • Do you need one made Zach? I know of a certain little shop that can build custom tailored bikes ;)
  • Dunno as of yet. Got an ignition issue to sort out before I do anything else.
  • Is it a transistor ignition or points?
  • Transistor. I haven't really looked into it as of yet, too busy with the new job and new toys.
  • nice, looks fun
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