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03 Subaru Outback

edited July 2013 in Rides
Got a screaming deal on this. Might be the girlfriend's new DD, might flip it and get a 6-cyl version instead. Haven't decided yet....


03 Outback. 4-cyl, auto trans, all-weather pack (heated seats/mirrors/windshield). Dealer maintenence until about 70k miles, now has 105k. A little neglected since then, but not too bad. Due for a timing belt, needs tires (one is mounted backwards :roll: ), serp belts are original, fluids are a little dark, and there's something stuck in the LF brake (faint screeching while driving).

Tomorrow I'm going to do all 3 belts (timing, and both serpentine), oil change, air filter, ATF drain/fill/filter, and spark plugs


  • heated seats ftw!

    not a bad tune up to get a good working car. from the pic the car looks to be in good shape.
  • Nice! Quite the upgrade from the Kia.
  • Yea, pretty sweet car. We drove it up to the Keweenaw Peninsula in the UP of Michigan a couple weeks ago. Great car. All our camping gear for a weekend, bikes, biking gear, set the cruise, get 27 mpg, I'll take it. It not the 35 of the Celica, but oh so much more comfortable.

    It was foggy, but here it is on the top of Brockway Mountain:

    We also took it about 10 miles down a minimum maintenence road toward the Eastern most tip of the Peninsula. Following an Explorer and CR-V that probably thought I was crazy. I could have gotten the Celica down that road, but it would have been ugly.

    It developed what sounded like a wheel bearing noise on the way back (definitely in one corner, changes with different loads, turning, braking, etc.), but when jacked up did not have any play in it.

    But, I couldn't find any other cause, and I had a bearing on the shelf at home (they went on closeout on RockAuto a few years ago, and I bought all of them....). And I have my own press. So all I had to do was buy seals, and swap it out. Saw nothing abnormal with the old one when I pulled it out, but the noise is gone now.

    I noticed something interesting, though. It has the same sized front rotors as a '02-'07 WRX. And the front caliper appear to be the same as '02-'05 WRX as well, until you look a little closer. The Outback pistons are CONSIDERABLY larger than the WRX ones....

    Also, I can definitely safely grind them enough to fit 15s :twisted:
  • needs more gold
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