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Dsce style cruise

edited July 2013 in Meets and Events
Who wants to do one? like in August when its warm? up the shore or wherever just like we have always done.


  • I do! I do!
  • Steve and I were talking about this. A good old Park Point/Billings Park cook out and a small cruise to Two Harbors and back and then some good old parking light BSing and see if we can dig up some racing somewhere. Should try and pick a date for mid aug some time.
  • Jake and I were also talking about possibly heading to the range do some cliff jumping, K&B action, and maybe coordinate the the Virginia street cruise?

    decide on one or the other or maybe both on different weekends
  • Yes. I love the idea of a trek up to the range for some swimming and Virginia street cruise.

    The Fuzzy Dice street cruise is August 16th in Virginia. It typically starts at like 6pm if I remember correctly. Now that is a Friday so it may be tough for people to get the day off. What's the likelihood of people taking a Friday off to go check out the cruise?

    Or would these type of events best be saved for a weekend day? I will be returning from a camping trip earlier that week so it may be hard for me to do a full day thing that Friday.

    Any other good days in August for everyone? (For a swimming and KB trip)

    Crawl for a Cure is July 18th-21st as well which could be a good time as well that will work for a lot of the guys going to Gilbert already. (July 20th)
  • we could do one Virginia here in July and do something else in August. and if people can make it cool if not no big deal.
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