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ebrake seized to rotor

edited August 2013 in Tech
I went to do a rear brake job on my 98' because it has been making a terrible grinding/squeeking noise all week. Well, the rotor on the driver side seems to be seized to the ebrake drum. I tried breaking it lose with the 12mm bolts that pass through the rotor, but it seamed like It was gonna rip the ebrake apart. Suggestions on how to handle this?


  • Is it solid where it doesnt move at all or does it fell like it is hung up on the brake shoes?
  • Big hammer, shatter it
  • As mentioned on MNSubaru. Remove rubber access plug, loosen star adjuster, and it should come off relatively easily.
  • depends on how big the ridge of brake dust and rust is on the inside of the drum if you have the shoes adjusted in all the way, might just need a big hammer like jason said, lol.
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