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Our Cylinder Index just went up by 2

edited September 2013 in Projects
It's kind of a long story, but the short version is, my girlfriend just inherited a sinking boathouse on Lake Vermillion. Turns out it had a boat in it. A 1988 Sylvan 15' aluminum with a 25 horse Evinrude outboard. It's got a sort of crappy aftermarket console steering/throttle thing, but it works.

How we found it:



Hanging from the rafters of the (not watertight) building with the plug in it. Probably a considerable contribution to the building sinking, although that was probably inevitable as well.

So, we pulled the plug and hoisted it up so it could drain. Then we borrowed an empty boat trailer from the cabin (my aunt has a small speedboat that lives on a hoist in the lake all summer) and went to rescue it. We made a weekend trip of it, so we brought canoes as well. Here's my dad's wagon and ours loaded up on the way home:

Then I got my hands on my own trailer, and last weekend we did a bunch of work on it, and brought it home.

Started with a cleanup. Bought a bottle of some really powerful acid stuff (it ate through the tin foil tray I poured it in at first....) at fleet farm.



Surprisingly, the battery (wal mart deep cycle made in 2005, probably stored in that boat house ever since) took a charge. We replaced the ignition switch and primer bulb. Rinsed out the carb bowl, changed the lower unit oil, and cleaned and resealed the gas tank, put it in a trash can full of water, and it fired right up.

Hoping to take it up to island lake and put some time on it this weekend.


  • Had Let the Whole World Know make some custom registration decals for it. Cost less than the black or white universal ones ($17, vs $18 each, and because of the 2 0s, it probably would have required 2 sets). Pretty cool custom touch, IMHO.


    No pictures, but we had it out on island lake for quite some time yesterday. It fired right up, ran very well, and even restarted when I shut it down. We "stopped" for lunch (idled into the wind out in the open), and when we went to continue, it had loaded up and didn't have any power for some time. But it did clear up all on it's own.

    We have some leak issues. It is a riveted aluminum boat, and almost all the panel seams seep a little bit. So we're going to try some seam sealant. But we might just end up with a cheap bilge pump....
  • nice! thats a pretty sweet score.
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