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2015 Civic Type R

edited November 2013 in Rides
I'm not the biggest Honda fan, and the US has not really had any civic Type r's... like the focus's the US gets the watered down si/mugen versions....So this is now on a global platform...maybe? but probably not hit the US. THe rumor is a sub 8minute "ring" lap time.... ... 2013-09-10

The stock (non gmpp stage 1) cobalt SS turbo did it in 8:22

Here is the post about the sub 8 min lap time and the US may get a new CRZ instead...blah ... cion_fr_s/


  • biggest problem i see is the 7k redline..... thats BS for the honda purist in me, and instantly makes that engine less exciting. Sorry but my hondas need to rev to the moon, turbo or not.
  • Meh 7k isn't too bad. My ss goes to like 7200 after the gm stage kit. But the new 911 goes to 9...which is awesome.

    What did the old type R's do? 8 or 9k?
  • 8.5 for an old R, 8-8.2k for all DOHC VTEC engines since 1989.
  • A honda that revs to 7k is like an sti that revs to 4.5k; just no fun at all
  • Grayguy" said:
    A honda that revs to 7k is like an sti that revs to 4.5k; just no fun at all
    That's because NA sucks. That R engine is turbo, you won't need 8...given it would be nice ;)
  • In regards to the US CRZ article:
    Competitor?! Well that's ridiculous, how Honda could consider a FWD hybrid turbo or not a sports car is ridiculous. Maybe a competitor with the 500 Abarth but not the FRS by a long shot. FRS, though slow as hell and not super attractive, is a game changer; entry level RWD and a boxer engine. Hell yeah! I'm sure it's easy to make pretty and it's a Subie engine so it's possible to make power.
    The CRZ is a cool little car but they failed miserably with it by making it a boring hybrid. If they really want to build a "Sports" car, then bring back the masterpiece; S2000!
  • Wasn't the hyundia genesis supposed to be a game changer? idk how well the FRS and BRZ are selling but I wasn't super impressed. I think a STi model would be nice. It is good to have some competition with the miata and that market.

    As for the CRZ, ya that got neutered real nicely. The new turbo civic for the UK seems like a great idea, but if it never hits the US....lame. As much as it is irritating to have fan boys ricing shit out and acting all tough. It is nice to have a healthy selection of turbo fwd cars.

    Isn't honda bringing back the NSX? there is your super car ;) But like the GTR, they'll charge and ass load and not keep to the origins of the car.
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