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NAPA ProSelect Filters

edited November 2013 in Tech
This is why we don't use cheap parts store filters:



  • Yes, that is how it came out of the car...
  • Heres a MANN filter in comparison..

  • you get what you pay for
  • maybe the Poles are still trying to get back at the Germans... lol.
  • i only ever use purolator pure ones anymore...
  • We run the Napa gold series in everything (diggers, bobcats, semis, pickups) and have had good luck so far
  • Back when I sold parts Napa gold's were repackaged wix's. Not to be confused with the proselects.
  • When I was at Napa, these were the cheap filters. The Golds, like Steve said, were Wix filters. .

    Factory or K&N's for me.
  • kinda what i figured, sucks though that some service center put that in there with probably a 6k oil change interval with a filter thats made for 3k.
  • Never had a issue with napa filters. I think im at 6k on my truck. Lol
  • probably cause your truck is 'murican...
  • Purolator Pure One or Wix for me. I used to run the K&N in the Del Sol with Royal Purple. I'll tell you what, that was an incredible combination, literally cleaned the engine from the inside out. Even removed a lot of the staining. But it maid for a good $50-60 oil change.
  • 50-60? It's over 100 garunteed every time for me...
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