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Opinion needed!

edited October 2013 in Projects
Ok. So for the last few months I have been dead set on painting the Z white. As I am a week or so away from painting it, I have started to get "cold feet" about it. I have been pondering the idea of maybe going with a little.. militaryish theme with it. I was thinking either an olive drab or possibly a flat silver. I need an honest opinion on the color....kind stuck. White looks super clean, but I kinda like the olive drab too. What do you think.


  • I think white would look the nicest, but flat silver could look good. You can always dip it olive a a later date. Paint the engine bay black.
  • I also thought the white/carbon was going to be an awesome look for this car, but if you find a talented airbrush artist you should totally do a WW2 aircraft thing with rivets and such




    best examples i could come up with on the fly
  • I am not going to do any air brushing on it. I thought about dipping it as well, but it looks much better out of a gun. I have a very good hook up on paint jobs, so if I dont like it I pretty much just have to buy a galllon of white paint to shoot it. This is kinda the way I want to go with it: ... trade.html
  • That car looks good, but of those options I vote white
  • I vote pure white
  • I normally like olive drab but after seeing those pics I really vote WHITE!
  • straight high strength white off the mixing rack. no toner.
    White=Classy and classic
    olive drab/silver= kind of a "fad" thing
  • Yea, I think white would be better in the long run. Probably should keep the batmobile hatch too, lol... that thing was sweet.
  • Ya, I think I may stick with white. It was a good idea for a few days, but the white just looks clean. And yes, I will be using Nason single stage white for this. Just haven't decided on the exact white yet.
  • He speaks some sense!
  • I vote a very bright white bc/ '83 Trans Am pace car was single stage white and it was a bitch to maintain. BC/CC is the only way to go with white IMHO. There are some amazing clear coats that are cheap! This is the stuff Laura just used on her '89 Cavalier Z24 and it looks stunning! ... 19348.aspx
  • I went with QM1 cloud/avalanche white from PPG.
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