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Long time listener. First time caller.


I have a belly button and i like going fast.
I drive a Stock 94 FD, a Lowered 06 Duramax and a 2000 Civic back and forth to work !


  • image
    915 x 607 - 74K
    960 x 540 - 65K
  • Haha suuuuuure. Stock.
    Fuckin love the FD cous!
  • Love the Dmax!!
  • Thanks guys!!! Jake, first time i saw the bike in person this weekend. Very well done sir.
  • I love how the FD sounds, what do you have for exhaust on that?
  • long tube headers and then 3" with a vibrant muffler.
  • I'll keep that in mind in the future
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