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Sunday BBQs

Hey, so it's safe to say Sundays are for being lazy, eating food and drinking beer. Who would be game for doing Sunday BBQs?


  • Me, Me! "Hey Jesse why don't you say Grace"
  • Possibly yes
  • Excellent! You guys want to come over tomorrow to grill and have some beers.
  • Today wont work for me. I am meeting my dad and some friends at Gordy's in Cloquet at 11, going to Cars n Coffee after that and tinkering with the truck for the rest of the day. Gotta get rid of those "loose bolt" rattles...they be drivin' a nukka cray-z!
    I'm definitely down for some nice weather Sunday bbq's this summer though!
  • What time you thinking?
  • Cars and Coffee is at 1pm so I'm thinking we should BBC in the evening. Say like 5pm?
  • Sounds good to me
  • We are in too, 5ish at Jakes?
  • Well that was a hoot. Chloe and I ended up pretty fucking drunk haha
  • we shall try to make this a Sunday ritual alternating residences?
  • ^ that's what I was thinking.
  • Read my mind!
    We can always do a park sometimes too.
    I really enjoyed this last sunday.
  • I do!
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