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Automotion, Wisconsin Dells 2014

So I just got back from my first experience at Automotion in Wisconsin Dells. This is a classic car show, burnout competition, and a massive gathering of almost every kind of car imaginable that the dells hosts every year on the weekend before memorial weekend. Words can almost not describe the experience that goes along with this event. For those of you that have been to the dells before imagine the main strip packed full of cars, traffic almost at a stand still, and every parking lot full of every kind of import, exotic, muscle cars, diesels, bikes, etc. now there are a lot of ricers and people doing stupid things on the streets, but the cops handle everything rather well. Now this doesn't include the actual car show that has almost 500 classic cars and vendors from all over the place. Just north of town at a campground/bar there is a burnout contest that is the most unrestricted/unregulated competitions I've witnessed. there is an area barricaded off by some cement barricades and grand stands set up for spectating. Anyone who wants to participate is allowed to do a burnout, as many times as you want. You could roast off 10 different sets of tires if you wanted to, and believe me some people did. They are allowed to do standing burnout or donuts, and some people get pretty reckless with their burnouts, some vehicles smashed into walls, crashed into speakers, or blew up their cars. Overall the experience of this entire event is incredible. Its almost unrealistic the shear volume of cars there were not only participating in the car show/burnout event, but just parked in a random parking lot with 500+ cars just hanging out and watching other people cruise by on the street. Its like someone took a page from a movie with the scenery from the dells mixed with the sounds and smell of race gas/corn/tire smoke. We had an absolute blast down there this year and fully intend on going back next year. This would be an awesome event for us to get together as a group and cruise down for the weekend and hang out. Here are some that Alyssa and I captured which isn't anywhere close to justifying what really happened down there.


  • Sounds like a good place for the s10
  • Looks like a good time!
  • I heard there was a lot of d-bags around this year. I don't live too far from there and could accommodate a few at the house if needs be for next year.
  • There's always gunna be d bags at any event. When there are thousands of cars around theres bound to be a few douche bags. The beauty of it is, is that you can sit on the side of the road and watch them be d bags which provides entertainment for the non douche bags. All in all it was an awesome event and a lot of really cool cars from every corner of the car world
  • They ended up getting themselves kicked out of Mt Olympus after someone smashed the rear window out of the owners aventador.. But it is a super cool event and there are cars from everywhere. Will be up there next year in the Z.
  • Great post man! Maybe we will have to make a group event of this next year. Sounds like a blast!
  • Nice of you to ask us to go btw
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