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Plasti Dip

So this stuff really has me intrigued; seems like quality product and I would like to get some perspectives on it.
Who has used it?
How resilient is it?
Does it hold up to winter? Does it become brittle with cold since it's a rubberized coating?

The Jeep has some rust spots that I plan to touch up and I'm debating on my options for spraying it.

It's also something that The Lazy Piston should start offering as a service since it's so popular these days so let's hear some feedback.


  • Its good and holds up well. My s10 hood is dipped, only worry id have is if you start wheeling it and rubbing stuff i will start to peel then. But your just a mall crawler. So your safe
  • bird shit messes it up.
  • Planning on using it on quite a few parts. Holds up well. Put it on thick with multiple light coats.
  • I've had it on one of the sets of winter wheels (the metallic orange ones) for 2 years now and it's held up great. I've even changed tires on those dipped wheels once and it's still good. I am probably going to end up dipping the whole red legacy after I replace the bad drivers side fender and doors.
  • OK so it's actually held up to wheels driven in winter? Well that's a good sign. I am a little worried about bird poo though, I park under a massive tree, bird shit is a part of life here haha
  • If it makes a mark. Peel it back a little and reapply. You can spot repair quite easily with this stuff.
  • edited May 2014
    It's been through 2-3 weekends of Ice racing and 2 winters of general shenanigans on theb
    Orange wheels


    1024 x 681 - 96K
  • I was super happy how it Laid out on my textured dash
  • Great to know. I will have to experiment some!

    What's the best place to buy it from?
  • I bought from But I believe you can get basic colors in rattle cans at menards.
  • Menards has black white red blue, and most the blaze colors. Oh, and clear/ glossifier
  • I'm going to pick some up and play around. Sounds like cool stuff and Ashley's Z turned out nice so why not.
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