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224 bbq this sat!!

So Ben is going to be in town to show off his new z-whip. There is going to be a BBQ and fire at the 224. I will also be in the garage working on the audi during the day to get it timed right. Feel free to show up anytime from 11am onward. This event is a byob and byof. I will supply the grill and the beautiful handsome company. Any questions feel free to call or text me or post here...


  • Woohoo! I will be out for sure in the afternoon. Are you having drinks and a fire? Or are we hitting up the town for some shenanigans?
  • face shitted by 4?
  • I will have a fire and bring your own drinks. I have no plans to hit the town, though the night is what we make of it
  • I am sorry my Z will not be in attendance. However I will have the black bitch out tomorrow.
  • Shenanigans!
  • I thought we decided on Shenanigans tonight haha
  • All day every DAY!
  • Shenanigans tonight? Sounds like a good plan.
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