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224 bbq friday may 30th

So I figured since everyone was here tonight no one would wanna have another bbq Friday but apparently I was wrong. Guess the 224 is an addiction lol. So there WILL be a bbq and bonfire Friday :) happy birthdays to me and max. Also bring some kind of chair to sit around the fire with since sitting in the grass isn't much fun. Glad everyone wants to come celebrate my bday with me. <3


  • Aw yeaaaaa boyeee
  • Central hillside!!
  • So tonight is still on :) even with my lack of voice. Which will be weird cuz I love talking like crazy. Guess I'll just keep myself busy and eat a lot of food lol. Guessing show up around 6 that way the guys have time to relax or get ready after they get off wor
  • Wish I could make it!
  • Chloe and I will be in attendance
  • This happens
    4128 x 2322 - 2M
  • And this
    720 x 956 - 412K
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