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When valves fail...

Hurt my engine pretty good this weekend at BIR when I missed a shift from 2-3 WOT shifting at 7200RPM. Then this was the after math...
341 x 607 - 24K
341 x 607 - 31K


  • Ouch! Did it get in score up the cylinder wall beyond repair?
  • Holy moly, ouch! Is the engine salvageable?
  • edited May 2014
    Cylinder wall is fine. Looks like everything should come out with a hone.
    The rest of the engine is fine. I need to find a set of LS3 823 heads. Anyone got a set laying around haha
  • Wow, that sucks!
  • Yeah ill widdle some 823 out of wood. Cedar ok?
  • Ouch!
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