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June 10th BBQ/Fire meet?

Meet at port then cruise up to my house for a shindig? I have a huge yard, nice fire pit, garage, enough parking for 100 cars and a pond lol!
I'll provide the grill and charcoal. Bring your own food/drink (booze friendly). You guys know how these work we've done it a million times!
Let me know if you guys are interested or not. It's about a 15min drive from port up by max's old place.

4195 Stockholm Rd.

Ps bring bug dope skeetos are demonic this year lol


  • We've done a few Sunday BBQ s this year already and it seems to work out better than doing a Tuesday night meet because you can start so Much earlier. Thoughts?
  • Well I usually get busy on the weekends bud this would work best for me at this moment but majority rules
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