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I guess I can introduce myself...

What up guys, I'm Zach. I'm new around these parts, well new to D-SCE that is. I drive a slightly modified fuckus, haters gonna hate.


  • Welcome. So what exactLy is a fuckus?
  • Sorry, that would be a Ford Focus.
  • Welcome man. What generation of Focus?
  • MK2 Focus. In the wonderful color of Gold haha
  • Zetec power yo! Haha right on man. Well welcome to the group. You should come attend the next weekly meet.
    We meet up every Tuesday at Port Terminal under the Blatnik Bridge at 6:15-6:30ish. People typically arrive at 630. And I'm the resident slow poke so I'm usually 10 minutes late.
  • Duratec power BTW ;) Yeah I'll have to try and make it. Busy schedule doesn't allow for much play time :(
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