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Project; MK1 Rabbit

edited May 2015 in Projects

Some of you have seen this silly little car of mine, for those that haven't, it's a funny story of a trek to Fargo to buy a turd with some fucked up "mods". I seen to acquire a lot of these (CB750 was a mess from some college kid). The car had chopped to fuck springs and blown struts, top hats that were so gone that the strut slammed against the bump stop at every tiny cracked on the road and the worst of all: an old school roof rack that was welded to the rain gutters... yep no joke, welded. So you may ask then why the fuck did I drive to Fargo and buy it? Because it had 80k original miles, a genuine set of Ronal Turbos (none of that repro R10 fuckary) and it's a Westy, hells yeah. True German import from 1978.

So I began unfuckulating it as soon as I got it home by removing some of the silly mods like a duck on the antennae that lit up and flushing the heater core. Once I dug deeper into her I began finding proof of it's low miles. The old girl likely spent the better majority of its life in the desert, symptom #1 was the extremely fine sand wedged in some bizarre places and the crazy dry rot on interior pieces. There is no doubt this old car sat in a very dry location for a very long time. The engine also was very clean and the underside was nearly spotless besides some epic floor dents product of stancetastic driving skills.

I'll begin by showing some before pics, sadly I don't have the super "before" pics handy where a jetski was dangling out the back or the duck but I'll post those once I locate them another day, for now you can gander at the epicness of old German commuter cars.

It should also be noted that the car was never meant to become a full restoration but once I started digging, I couldn't stop fixing. You all will see what I mean soon...

EDIT: Holy balls I located original photos and the old owner to get the jetski pics. Check later in the thread for those gems.
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    Now to date a lot has been done such as putting coil overs on it and redoing a lot of suspension parts. I have reconditioned the control arms and added poly bushing as well as reconditioned the brakes as well. The steering has been redone with a new rack, poly mounts and cleanup on the TREs. The whole engine bay has been sandblasted and shot in a chassis black and many headlight and trim parts have been powdercoated.



    I have begun blasting and powder coating the Ronal Turbos as well.


    There is much more to come. Such as the whole interior getting treatment.
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  • This is going to be such a sweet little car
  • Ls swap?
  • That would be epic! LS EVERYTHING!
  • Haha LS? That would be awful! Honk the gas and the doors would pop open!
  • edited July 2014
    Scored the interior from the MK2 GTi at Chesney's. It was disgusting but the dash cleaned up perfectly, center console nicely and the seats actually aren't too nasty. Just need a major scrubbing and disinfecting. Chesney's doesn't believe in actually taking care of their cars so the sun roof was open and back windows were all busted out. Floor was completely rotten.
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    All clean except the seats. Eff yeah:
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  • edited June 2015
    This also came with the interior, priceless!
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  • You must go put a cassette playrer in now! ULTIMATE hipster statement
  • I agree with Spruce!
  • Haha maybe I'll hunt one down, something super retro-looking. I can always rig up an Aux input through a hardwired FM Mod.
  • Or run a aux cable to an old waLkman for that high fidelity!
  • Haha your right on par man! That sounds great!
  • edited June 2015
    Small update for a fuckton of work haha. MK2 GTi dash is in, painted behind and in all gaps, needs some more little touches but it's solid and looks great. It's not perfect but considering it came out of a Chesney car, I'm really happy.
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