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Hey Honda guys.....would this work?

Thoughts in my head.....last thing I need is another project

I got this '00 Honda Odyssey from my grandparents that I'm fixing up and planning to sell. But damn is it handy, and I REALLY like that engine. I'm thinking how I could get close to that practicality without actually owning a minivan....

Sooo......anyone have any idea how hard it would be to put a J35 V6 engine in place of the K24 in an Element? How about keeping it 4WD (maybe a Pilot donor...)?

Google searches mostly just turn up threads where people start calling each other retarded for even considering such a thing. But (according to wikipedia), the K24A4 that was in the Element, was also in the Accord, which also had an option of a J30....


  • ... That sounds like winning.
  • It may be possible depending on the bell housing. Are you wanting to swap a 5 or 6 spd in a long with the j-series? The J35 is an excellent engine and has been swapped many a time. You could likely fund a good chunk of the swap by selling the K24 too.

    I love the idea man and the older Odysseys are basically the same suspension as the Accord so Coilovers swap right in, not sure on this generation.
  • Keeping it 4wd is the hardest part of this swap. As my knowledge (which is alot regarding j-swap) they do not currently have a tranny that will bolt to the v6 and be awd. The accords with a v6 were fwd only. You could buy the mounts and such easily and cheaply. The most expensive part would be if you want a manual, they sold for around $1,200 used about 4 years ago. Not a lot of accords had the manual and everybody wants a manual when doing the swap. To keep the awd in the element keep the k-series and slap a Jackson racing on it and it will make way more power than a j-swap could n/a. Plus the awd is there.
  • ^Everybody loves a little supercharger wine...
  • Awd supercharged element sounds good.
  • Does sound pretty BA... for a honda
  • edited July 2014
    Since the purpose of this vehicle would be for function (pulling boats, a little offroading) and not for speed....automatic transmission would be preferred. Which is why I say to just use the engine and transmission from the pilot.

    I need a garage...
  • Oooh, haha I was confused with my first reply. Yes! Element, big engine, do it!!! The J35 really is an excellent motor. Tons of power and they last forever.
  • A J swap sounds expensive.... like really expensive. I know a head swap and some tuning would go really far on a K-series, and you could probably find an old JR roots blower for almost nothing and that would add a bunch more grunt and fun noises while still being miles cheaper than exploring the unknown territory of J swaping an element. Its only the older B and D engined hondas that have J swap parts readily available, the K is still considered king, so people are not replacing it for a J engine.
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