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04 Subaru Outback VDC some people may have seen on Facebook.....I bumped our Cylinder Index by 6 about a week ago.....

Oh so sexy. 133k miles, EVERY option that was available. Leather, moonroofS, 6-disc in-dash changer, 11 speaker system, cargo organizer thing, all the way to the rear spoiler and rear diff guard. This was a $33k car when it was new. I couldn't pass it up for $1700....delivered to my parents' house, and taxes/title transfer included.'s going to need a little work.


But really, it's not too bad. The bumper beam took the brunt of the impact. The sheet metal radiator/headlight supports are all mangled, but the actual frame rails are straight.

Anyway....shouldn't be too hard to patch back together with some used, sortafit, and OEM parts....then the bone standard 03 Outback that my fiance is driving now can move on to a new home

gotta get at least this 96 outback sold before I can get started on this


  • Should be a great car to repair and flip. Salvage title?
  • I think he is keeping it for anesa
  • Oh ok, this is the keeper you guys were talking about last week. Looks like it will make an amazing DD. Careful though, I'm pretty sure these cars cause armpit hair to grow uncontrollably in female owners haha
  • Yea. Salvage title. And the color is unique to 04, so it probably won't be all one color. Resale value will be higher on her current 4-cyl one, and we'd rather have this either. Win-Win.
  • This project should've be entertaining. It's always fun to see a wrecked car look like new again. What's it looking like these days?
  • Haven't done much. Was planning to sell the minivan, but it's too damn convenient, going to keep it. Then budget took a hit with the "new" Celica.

    I've taken most of the bent/broken stuff off to assess damage. Scored at UPull last weekend, and got passenger side fender, headlights, bumper, and hood/grill. Hood and fender are black. Whatever.

    Need to get the driver's fender, core supports, radiator, and some misc hoses, and then I can get it inspected so I can get plates and insurance.
  • U-pull treats you pretty damn good! I need to get down there one of these days
  • Upull is awesome. Always a good time. When I was training in Apple Valley (about 10 minutes from the larger location) for 2 weeks, I went to Upull 3 times....
  • Is it mostly newer vehicles? I'm always on the hunt for old VW crap.
  • I have meant to go back, just never make it. I need to keep a better eye on their inventory
  • I never remember to stop there. I'm in the cities like every other month but somehow space out stopping there
  • Jake;3313" said:
    Is it mostly newer vehicles? I'm always on the hunt for old VW crap.
    The inventory rotates almost completely every few months. So it's pretty much only stuff that's pretty common. But occasionally you find something interesting.

    The East Bethel location always leaves a handful of rareish things right near the front door until they're completely bare. There was an "old" Bug there (old body style, but new enough to have the smaller 4-lug pattern, not the wide-5), and a 924 that time.

    Check it out:
  • Oh that's unexpected! I will have to check that link occasionally
  • They have a Dasher! That's awesome!
  • Got this from Oak Leaf Auto Salvage yesterday:

    And I bought all the AutoZone parts I'm going to need today. Next paycheck, I'll order a batch from RockAuto. Get a fender sometime in there, and then I just need to do work.
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