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Cruise for cancer sept 13th

Cruise for cancer is basically a poker run all over Duluth and superior. Last year it was 20 bucks and you got a t-shirt when you made it to the end point. It's not a race to see who gets done first and it's not really timed. All the proceeds from the event go straight into a local family with cancers pocket. They do not go to a charity.

Bring whatever you want. Just don't act like a tool bouncing off your limiter, playing loud music in parking lots and don't screw around unless you see others doing the same.

Cruise for cancer holds no reliability for your stupid mistake for getting pulled over and walking home with many tickets.

I don't know if there is a web sight but I do know there is a Facebook event.


  • Sweet! Sounds like a good time!
  • Yeah more info would definitely be cool. I have been curious how this whole thing works.
  • Yeah, details!
  • So cruise for cancer was a huge thing years ago. I mean huge. What happens is everyone meets up at one spot and your given a cards with x number of stops. You go to these local businesses that all support the car community (usually) and get a stamp saying you have been there. There is no order. About midday everyone usually meets up again somewhere and people bullshit and have lunch. Afternoon is the same and the last stop I believe is A & Dubs. That is where you turn in your card and get a shirt. You can take your drag car, your street car, or your grannys caddy. doesn't matter. All about getting all the car scene out to support a good cause. As was previously said money goes to a local family affected by cancer.

    Any details that come out I will post up. Any more question let me know. The fam talks to Tony frequently.
  • That sounds pretty Damn cool
  • Does sound awesome I'm planning and coming out now. I'm sure many more in this group will support a great cause.
  • Look up cruise for cancer on Facebook. I know the starting location is k-mart parking lot in west Duluth but can't remember the start time. Whatever the time is doesn't matter to me. I'll be their early.
  • That's awesome! Thanks for the details, yeah we can get behind this!
  • Gibby, Jim, Laura and I all did this last year and it was a friggin blast! I've been waiting for this all year long. If you attend, you will not regret it. And it's for a damn good cause. We even met some really cool folks we've never met and hope to run into them this year again. It's honestly one of the most fun cruises I've been on. Once again, I will be driving the truck and I believe Laura will be my co-pilot.
  • Yup, we're gonna have to try to make this.
  • Hopefully the MK1 will be driving for this
  • I will again be there I hope to enter multiple auto's I will be piloting my Angry Vixen Camaro hope to have the wife in the G-Body Shuffle and probably try to find a pilot for the Nuclear is hands down an event an event I've been waiting for..
  • Bump because we all should attend.
  • Bump!!! It's this Saturday.
  • Bump, it's getting close
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