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I know it's just a Sunfire but I'm a J-Body guy.

In the process of shaving off the spoiler and plan on shaving the sidemarkers. I did it once before but the bondo failed. I'msure most of yyou guys will think it's riced out...
3264 x 2448 - 3M


  • Looks pretty clean. I'LL almost any GM just because I'm a GM Leghumper.
  • I don't see a 10ft wing and horrific body kit parts miss matches and not painted. Your off to a good start. I would consider this more of a tuner than rice.
  • Is this the same one you have had for years? Looks really nice these days
  • I was gonna say, I've seen a white Sunfire with black factory alloys running around for a few years. I actually don't mind these later Sunfires. Looks much better than the blue one running around with color-matched PT Cruiser GT wheels (I actually sold him those) and chrome door trim.
    Just keep it clean and don't put a dumb spoiler or God-awful body kit on it and you'll be golden! The Ecotecs are awesome powerplants and can be built to be pretty damn quick. Keep it up!
  • Looks pretty kickass so far. Keep it up!
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