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Mandatory Introductions

Hello everyone, I'm Logan. A few of you know me, most of you don't, etc.


  • Welcome to the party
  • What's crackin good sir? Sell the MK4 yet?
  • Actually no, the correct amount of money never appeared in the buyer's hand. On an even less positive note, the GTI opted to celebrate my continued ownership by almost immediately frying the MAF sensor. Also, thank you for the welcome.
  • Haha fuckin VW. Time for an LS swap haha
  • Yes when doubt an LS is always the answer.
  • Unfortunately, I'm a little too much of a purist for an LS swap, except for when I was looking for an SR20 swap, that was just a pleasant fantasy.
  • Lol this is a fix-it n flip-it situation so you can find an LS worthy platform right?
  • I'm not the biggest LS fan, not that I'm against making cheap reliable power, I just know myself well enough to know I don't need that much power to have fun. But yes, definitely a fix and flip situation. Got the new MAF installed today, now have a sticky thermostat that is astoundingly hard to locate. Either way, it will be at the meet on Tuesday.
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