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WTB: VW Mk4 GTI 1.8t DF Spindle/Hub Assembly

Hey guys,
I need to find a new/used spindle/hub assembly for my GTI. The tab that holds my ABS wheel speed sensor got snapped off doing wheel bearings. I just need to find one before the snow flies. I am reasonably sure that it needs to be from a 1.8t GTI and not a Golf. As I understand the spindle from a VR6, Golf, and 1.8t are all different. If anyone knows of one in a junk yard or at a shop that I could snag some parts off I would much appreciate the lead. Thank you.


  • If it was unclear at all, I need the Drivers Front Hub Assembly. Also, if my information about the interchange is incorrect please correct me as I've just regurgitated what the internet says, and as we all know the internet is full of durtles and porn addicts.
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