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My trek across the country in a 911

edited September 2014 in Meets and Events
I was hoping for a sexier title but it's midnight, I've had some whiskey and I just got done driving 12 hours...

So let tell you all about what I'm up to;
Recently, our resident Portlandian, Ryan Johnsen, has had the Porsche bug fuckin bad. So he bought one, in fuckin Hudson, WI. I didn't realize this until he asked me if I would want to drive it out to Portland to him. Well, I shat myself and concocted a scheme to pull it off, involving a little pleading with my boss, kicking a little ass at work and giving Chloe the "doe eyes" (which I did the even have to do because she is just God's gift to moi).

Well it all got planned out, and I fuckin pulled it off at work. I arrived in Hudson this morning at about 10am and we went to fire the 911 up.... she let out a massive backfire then decided to run like death. Andy was awestruck and super frustrated because this is his baby, he has maintained it meticulously and done upgrades simply for the sake of making improvements. So it's running like total ass and definitely down a cylinder. We begin rummaging around and trying to hunt the issue down. After a lot of burnt oil smoke and poor running, it dawns on us that the backfire could have dislodged the aftermarket pressure valve (one for backfire pressure release). I explain my thought on how CIS metering works, he gives me a grin then lightly pulls on the valve and POP, fucker comes right off. Well there ya go, it's a massive vacuum leak essentially which is sucking air in from the dry sump breather... derp. So we wrap some Teflon tape around it after a cleaning then start it up and it sings.

We decided that the best plan of action was for me to take a cruise in the right direction and if problems arose then we would scrap the mission and he would retrieve me and the 911. Well... I'm in Glendive, MT. So it's gone well, despite dodging the bullet that is Dickinson, ND which is basically the worst fucking place on earth that I nearly stayed the night at. Hoofdah, thanks to some quick calls by Chloe to get me a room in Glendive.

Within being at Dickinson for 2 minutes I had some scratched out looking fucker asking me for a ride to Hardeez, then when I stopped at Walmart it looked like a lawless post apocalyptic society of unwashed 20yr old kids and 50 year old pedophiles. Fuck that place, with a rake!

I will post more about the automotive brilliance that is the early 911's later but for now, I have a bottle of Crown cracked and a copy of How To Paddle Your Own Canoe to finish. Enjoy the pics gentleman

1600 x 1066 - 833K
1728 x 1152 - 1M
4128 x 2322 - 3M
4128 x 2322 - 2M


  • Lucky bastard
  • So fucking excited. Really, that's not even half of what I'm feeling. Been a long time coming for this automotive milestone. The heritage, the setup, the iconic and proper sports car. And it seems like this is a good one. Minus the unfortunate and unusually aggressive backfire lol.
  • I"m mad jelly you get to make this voyage haha
  • Hay
    4128 x 2322 - 4M
  • Made it to Billings, MT. Neat city, lots of bikes. The 911 has been amazing on the highway. This 40 year old car just sings at 70-80mph. The car is literally demanding to be revved.

    So as I was ripping through the valleys of East Montana I couldn't help but get a little choked up. It's pretty amazing to be completing such a bucket list item. I grew up with pics on my walls or 911s and Ferraris. Can't believe I'm actually cruising across the country in a vintage 911. So flippin amazing!

    And yes, I listened to Danish Techno a little chunk of the drive for authenticity haha. Here are a couple OK pics ;)
    4128 x 2322 - 3M
    4128 x 2322 - 4M
    4128 x 2322 - 2M
  • Mile marker 249 on 90W will blow your fucking mind, if you have driven through that area then you know what I mean. What a sight! If I wasn't doing 80 through the twisties and missed the pull-off I would provide pics.

    In Livingston, MT now, which looks like it's a town straight out of the movie Cars. Neat little town affixed right between some mountains. Hoping to get some pics soon here. For now I'll leave you all with this:
    4128 x 2322 - 4M
    4128 x 2322 - 3M
  • The real question is what are you going to find to drive back?
  • I love the fact you listened to Danish techno.
  • I'm sure we can find something cool for the return trip CL search: begin!
  • getting pretty close now!!
  • Haha dare I even ask what you guys would want me bringing back?

    OK so I've reached Missoula, MT which is a super neat little city. Can't wait to check it out during the day but for now I think I need to go hunt down the nightlife, see if there are any breweries in the area, hopefully in walking distance because I'm not about to have a few beers and drive the most obvious car in town around haha.

    So sadly I hit Missoula county at nightfall but the dusk did provide me with just enough light to make out the magnificent landscape. It's truly incredible how beautiful our country is. If you don't agree, just drive I90.

    So day two was a solid 10-11 hours of shredding through the twisting roads of West Montana at 80mph which seems to be this little car's sweet spot. It's as if the car is unhappy until you reach 80mph then the car reaches this kind of nervanic (if that's even a word) state where suddenly it's a perfect harmony of nearly silent purr from the exhaust, a light wherring from the gear box and truly the smoothest contact to the asphalt, no bullshit, it's a hot knife through butter.

    For those who have taken this glorious road west know that just before Butte, there is the greatest section of road climbing the mountain that is something straight out of a video game but the kicker, it's fucking not, it's real and the speed limit is about 15mph faster than most cars should be going (75). It's incredible! The Porsche sung in 4th gear at 3500rpm flying past cars and carving these incredible corners. I'm really not kidding, every motorhead needs to experience this section of road in their choice of auto! I'm still in goosebumps from it!

    It's going to be fucking hard to say goodbye to this car when it's time to head back home. :)
  • edited September 2014
    What are the rpms at 80? Also your phone skills are terrible.

    Missoula is glorious. I could easily see myself living there
  • We are hopefully going to montana for out now-yearly roadtrip next year, hopefully the legacy can attend.
  • edited September 2014
    RPMs at 80 in 5th is 3100, rpm at 70 in 5th is 2800-2900. This car was definitely built for this RPM. You will see what I mean when you drive it but it really doesn't like being below 2700rpm. It lopes and stutters a lot (no misfires, just not as smooth). Like I said, it demands the RPMs.

    So day 3 begins waking up after a great night's sleep at Ruby's Inn which is hands down the sweetest little hotel ever. Really good price, rooms are adorable, has outdoor courtyard pool (hilarious because Missoula is smack dab in the mountains) and the best breakfast I've ever seen at a hotel = banquet style breakfast buffet! Oh fuck ya bud! Max, you and Kelsey need to stay here, it's hilarious.

    So today's plan consists of another solid day of driving but from what I hear the roads continue with this mind blowing theme of high speeds and twisties, maps say the same. I've challenged myself to use only maps this trip, keeping with the 70's experience.

    Edit: oh and I awoke to booby pics from my little lady so pretty much best fucking morning ever haha
    4128 x 2322 - 3M
  • That's insane the rpms are that low at speed! Have fun once you get closer to Idaho. It's fantastic. I recommend picking up some food at a grocery and hanging out at the fishing pull off on the right. It's right around the Idaho border. But just before. You're about to the best sights you've come across yet. And if you follow i90 to Seattle you'll blow you mind with the scenery again.
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