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Dreams are for real: 911.

edited September 2014 in Projects
That poster from elementary and middle school, the 911. Maybe it was the turbo (I don't have that much money), but it was the 911. Finally. Years of drooling, planning, and waiting, well they came to an end a couple weeks ago for me. I'm on D +12 for the rest of my life from when I first got to drive it. The feel, the sound, that quintessential 911 is finally mine.

I purchased a 1977 Porsche 911 from Hudson WI. Jake was lucky enough to spend a few days driving it out here, I really wish I could have... It really does drive like a dream down the interstate even at today's speeds, at least this one does. 80 mph its singing, barely over 3,000 rpms and barely trying. '77 is not the most desirable of the 911's, not by a long shot, but it does offer some cool features that the older more valuable cars don't have. Galvanized bodies. So virtually no rust at all on this car. Supposed to have power brakes, but I feel like my car does not (sounded like it was standard on 77's though). 1977 was the last year of the problematic 2.7l. This motor is thought to have been created to purposefully pull head studs and suck money from their owners in an effort to push the 924 and 928's, the "new" Porsche and the direction the big wigs were trying to send their company. It didn't work. The 911 was already a motorsport icon and a proper sports car. My 911 has had the heat issues fixed that cause the studs to pull. It is also supposed to have the studs replaced and the motor rebuilt to some extent at some point in its life. This is also the last year of the original 911 body shape, the narrow body. However it acquired the less desirable and more bulky impact bumpers in 74. To buy 73 or older is huge money now. Better off backdating if you really want that look but can't afford the cars.

Sienna metallic is the color. Special order. Looks fantastic in pictures, in person you need not look too closely to see its a poor respray. Perfect. Red interior, awesome. Dash is a little wavy in its old age. Perfect. Original glass fogging in passenger lower corner of windshield. Perfect. This car is largely a survivor but a perfect driver. It has a lightened flywheel and a slightly stronger clutch, boy does it feel good under your foot. If you've never been in an air cooled, old ferrari, or probably a few other makes, and felt the pedals you'll be surprised to know they are slightly offset to the right. Kind of interesting. They also hinge at the floor, love that. The old muffler makes a good noise and surprisingly the CIS still runs the engine very smoothly. The flat 6 sounds amazing. Intoxicatingly amazing. Absolutely not the fastest car I've driven, but it is certainly one of the most fun. I find myself driving close to barriers when possible to hear it's exhaust note and giving it just the right amount of throttle to make it push out the deeper notes. Seems like 5 levers labeled defrost, 2 on the floor and 3 on the dash. Heat works surprisingly well and smells....interesting. I like it. The sumo wrestling diaper steering wheel has been replaced with the standard prototipo, its a sexy wheel. I'm not entirely sure why Porsche can't come up with steering wheels that look as good as the car. The Fuchs wheels are essentially new, 16x7 all the way around. I love them. Would like a second set with some stickier tires however. I have been taking it really easy trying to learn how to drive this heirloom of a car. I hear letting your foot off the gas pedal in a turn will spin you around faster than you can imagine, likely resulting in the expensive end of the car hitting something first.

The car is a dream, but not without issues needing work. Transmission needs synchros. I'm in the process of deciding if I want to buy them and rebuild or buy a rebuilt trans for $2500. Leaning towards that route as its already $1500 at a minimum in parts to do it myself. I'll check the clutch cable for play, but it feels good and really only the first two gears suck bad. And reverse. It already has one of the gated shift kits. These transmissions didn't come with any self centering setups for the shifter, so I guess they flopped around like a fish. I just ordered the part to fix my drivers door window. The spring for the crank assist holds onto a small dowel while the rest of the regulator pivots off this same piece. Porsche used a soft alloy and its incredibly common, a guarantee really, that the spring will break off it. I ordered a steel replacement. I also need to look into my air box. It backfired to beat hell I guess and blew a flapper valve out of the air box. They are placed there, I'm told, to relieve pressure from back fires. I guess this pop was so strong that it blew the valve out allowing unmetered air to get into the intake. Currently its holding strong, since Hudson, with teflon tape being used as a gasket/thread sealer.

Anyways, I've only got a couple pictures of the car. Its more fun to drive than take pictures. Maybe I'll take some more tomorrow.








  • This was honestly the best car I have ever driven, nothing compares to the experience. It's honest, accurate and constantly giving you feedback. It pulls so nicely and really does just sing at 80mph. It's not the fastest car, it's not the comfiest but none of that matters when you drive it because you know it's like nothing else. It's pure motorsport! It was a pleasure to drive those 2500 miles and I'll never forget I90 and 101. That car will hold a very special place in my heart. Enjoy your 911 Ryan, couldn't have ended up in better hands :)
  • edited November 2014
    So I've put a few miles on the car so far. Its awesome. Not much more can be said about it. Love it. It's not without flaws and areas needing attention however. I'm thinking about wet sanding it in a couple spots that look like is blotchy or something. I need to rebuild or get another transmission. I got my clutch to slip the other day driving unnecessarily obnoxious in the wet. Other things to do too.

    I have now boughten a couple parts for the car. Got a surprise today, the headlights came early. These recently became unavailable from Bosch, and the prices of course immediately went up. I also ordered a muffler, should be here next week. Some other things I've done are drive it, pull the engine lid off with the whale tail, drive it, pulled the beaver teeth fog lights off, and lowered the front a little.

    I also had my first issues with it. The backfire relief valve is popping out and forcing me to put it back on. I RTV'd it last time I drove it. Yesterday got home and drove it, it wouldn't drop idle. Pulled it out, retaped it and put it back in. Still the same issue. Found a vacuum leak on the vacuum advance on the distributor. Now the idle is too low so off idle throttle response kind of sucks, going to have to figure out how to raise the idle.

    Euro H4's

    Pre H4's/front end lowering

    Lid swapping
  • That car looks so sooooooooo much better without the whale tail. Imo. Sure looks like fun!
  • Are those a coil over up front or a torsion beam?
  • That car is awesome Ryan, congrats on fulfilling a dream of yours! Mine won't be fulfilled until I have one of those stupid, stainless steel=bodied, gullwing bastards in my garage...years to come I assure you.

    Why no whaletail? I love those...looks kinda "dorky" without one IMO. Keep it around, you might wanna put it back on someday :)
  • Got my muffler on! That also arrived really quickly. Like it! I'll drive it more tomorrow and this week, can't wait.

    It's a torsion front end in these older 911's. The 89, I think, and newer went coil suspension all around.

    I'll keep the whale tail for sure, but its hanging on my wall in the garage, likely where it'll stay for a while.
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