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Toyota pickup, they couldn't even name it

edited September 2014 in Projects
What kind of Toyota? Pickup, it doesn't have a name. Its been about 10 years since I had my first unnamed Toyota truck. I absolutely loved that truck. Fast forward, I live in one of the least rusty vehicle areas in the country, and I traded my postal for one a few weeks ago. Its sort of a hooptie requiring some minor work, however ZERO rust. None, not at all. Awesome.

It has some cool parts on it. Someone put the factory turbo stuff on it without running a waste gate. "It runs 20 psi" I was told. It has dual transfer cases, fuck yes. Solid axle swap for the front, excellent. It was apparently overheated at some point and fixed the week before I got it. Apparently it has a hotter cam in it now. Head was shaved, head gasket, head clean, arp studs whatever whatever. What I wasn't told was that the waste gate wasn't hooked up, didn't have the proper ecu or any sort of fueling upgrades (as far as I can tell as of now), no rear shocks, and a host of other things. I'm sure with more to come. Tires are 35" bfg mt km1's with like new tread. Survivor tires I'd love to sell to someone that lives for these beasts, and they do work good.

So far I've fixed the cts plug, pulled a couple leafs out of the massive lift leafs, put 4 bilstein shocks on it, trimmed (though not enough) the fenders and front bumper to clear tires, probably a few other things too.

Today I decided to attempt to wheel it at Browns Camp. I thought it would overheat and I'd run into a bunch of issues. To my pleasant surprise that didn't happen! What did happen was the front drive shaft came loose. When I heard it I quickly stopped and looked. I had one loose nut/bolt combo and one bolt minus nut left. In the bed I found two nuts, one obviously too big and one possibly correctly sized. Bingo, the small one worked. Two driveshaft bolts in the front, needless to say I went for it. I was careful, but I went for it. Just hit a couple intermediate trails to shake down the truck and see how it handles itself. It burns oil on deceleration, rubs tires on cab corners and bed fender cut outs, fights to start up a little, idles rough until warm still, needs a drivers bucket seat so the rear tcase shifter can be used freely, and a number of other things addressed. I trimmed the fenders before leaving today, apparently not enough however.

It was fun, I can't wait to work on this and get it ready for more wheeling and explore Browns Camp.

This is after I lowered it some

poser shot and to check clearances at home

I trimmed this down this morning, apparently not enough because the tires clearanced it more today

This will work, not ideal angles. It felt ok today.

I need to lengthen the f150 towers or move to hoops. Needs 2" more up travel. Shock bottoms out before I want it to


only real issue today



  • Such a nice truck, he who bears no name.
  • Super jelly as well. And I thought a rustfree toyota piclk up was a unicorn.
  • God damn it. I trimmed the box more to accommodate the tires/flex. Then got to work on the cb radio. I love when they are up above by the rear view mirror. So thats what I attempted to do. Spent 4 hours modifying my mount to bolt onto the stupid mirror mount. Turns out it doesn't fit. Modified a little more, still didn't really fit. Was going to go with it, then couldn't really get the wires to tuck under the headliner. Waste. Of. Time. Took 10 minutes and repainted the dash pieces. Hope it looks good when its back together.
  • Hit it with a hammer, you will feel better.

    CBs belong attached to the roof, you also need an air horn like a semi with a big pull cord
  • Worked on my driveshafts today. So I need a 1 piece rear shaft, going to get that underway tomorrow I hope (ordering). And the front, well I need a different drive shaft flange. The solid front axle has small bolt holes and a different pattern compared to, what I assume is, the stock ifs flange. I guess you can get a flange with all 3 of the different patterns, going to order one up tomorrow or something of the sort.



    plastidipped trim
  • Like!

    This truck is amazing, still in shock at how clean it is.
  • Had the truck out again last weekend....fuckin driveshaft issues. Lost a couple bolts and then sheared the final two off the front double cardan, bent the flange a little, and ovalled the sheared bolt holes. I decided to pound it flat again, grab 4 more factory bolts, lube them with red locktite, stack box wrenches, and pull until I thought something was going to break. Probably 50 to 70 lbft of torque on them. If they come off again....

    Hopefully I can get some more square tube tomorrow and make another double cardan part for the front end since I have the spare from the previous two piece rear driveline. Which is now a heavy 1 piece.

    I was doing a pretty hefty hill climb when the front drive shaft popped off. Luckily I wasn't alone and Josh was able to strap the thing up so I could roll back down. It was pretty sketchy as the truck wanted to climb up the washed out embankment. There wasn't much I could do to stop it. After that debacle we got the truck turned around, also sketchy with 2wd on a still steep spot on the hill, then headed for the parking area. Hit a couple moderate trails and was able to do them in 2wd. Had a kind of close call going around an xj that was on the side of a trail, barely enough room to pass and no front end control, off camber, a little sliding then I let the brakes go and ripped by before the truck could slide into the pretty mall crawler. The young gents looked like they were really enjoying the jeep on the trails. Theres something about wheeling a mostly stock and smaller tire vehicle, it makes any obstacle a lot of fun.
  • Sounds like a pain. Hopefully you can get that front end figured out. Are there any big upgrades you can do to eliminate the double cardan?

    Next time I make it out to visit, we are gonna go wheeling for sure.
  • Needs more tdi
  • I'm probably going to be on the hunt for a tdi starting now. I knew I wanted to do that, but have yet to really look into it.

    The double cardans are a decent setup. They cut the angle a single ujoint must flex in half. But I certainly don't care enough to keep it, so if I find a stock single ujoint end I'll weld it on. Hope to go wheeling this weekend!
  • actually I just noticed in a picture that the pinion is pretty level, meaning I should have 2 single ujoint ends and not the double cardan. Those should be used if the pinion is pointing up towards the transfer case. If the differential and transfer case flanges are both parallel to the ground you run the two singles.
  • Can't reclock the axle and weld new spring perches? I know nothing of Toyotas haha
  • You can on the rear, but if you do it on the front, you have to re-clock the knuckles on the axle tube or you horse up your castor (this is true of anything with a solid front axle)
  • And yes. TDi. If it weren't for my desire for an Auto trans, and the availability of bolt-on parts for the 4.3 swap, I probably would have gone TDi.
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