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hello dsce!

Hey guys. My name is Zack, just transferred over from dce. Lol im sure some of you know a little about that.

I own a 1987 corolla gts ae86, currently in the making. Ill be sure to make a build thread as soon as i get more pictures of the old bag.


  • welcome to the dark side/seen the light, meh pick your poison
  • Hello! This is Max btw since. You won't know the screen name
  • Hi I'm Jake, they call me Jake. I'm "old", when I get drunk I become obnoxious, I like long walks on the track... because my volkswagen is in pieces and I drive a lifted Jeep to the Mall to hit on freshman girls and listen to T-Pain really loud.

    Everything is true except the mall details... but I do drive there for burritos.

    Welcome to the club that feels more like a big dysfunctional family. Love the Corolla man, come to a meet so we can harass you in person about swapping an LS in that biotch.

  • Welcome Zack. I am Ben. I am the old bitch guy around here. I am also the OG E thug of the group. I teach classes with Brando on how to Ethug and Troll on various social media sites.
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