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Project S13 240sx "Frankenstein"

Here is my project 240sx. Its been a battle every day working on it. bought it knowing it had some rust.... just not as much as I found. Either way it got the name due to all the cutting and welding of chunks of metal to remove holes and rust off the car. I am not sure how it was driven for a while as the drivers seat was threw the floor. Slowly I have been buying parts it was missing and upgrading as I have free cash and time. I have only driven the car up my driveway and in to the garage since I bought it so driving it next summer should be fun! It was in pieces the night after purchase.

I'll have to remember to keep posting pics as progress is made.

So far front fender wells have been patched with new metal
passenger interior holes are all fixed
driver side is half patched
engine bay/interior electrical nightmare has started this past week.

Car came with a RB20DET motor. Motor ran well but I replaced a lot of gaskets anyway.
I picked up the rims on it, a CF hood, and full rear suspension upgrade as well as coil overs.
Car needs a new radiator and a front mount before it will move again. (and rust holes fixed)

2322 x 4128 - 1M
1484 x 835 - 467K
4128 x 2322 - 2M
1484 x 835 - 267K


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