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Lake Superior Pro Rally 2014/Farewell to Entropy Rally

Well....LSPR was almost 2 weeks ago. And many of you know, I didn't make it. My car spun a rod bearing with about 3/4 of a quart of oil in it not even to Ashland. As it turned out, my grandfather (who had been in the hospital all week) had taken a turn for the worse, and I ended up going down to the cities to be with my family less than an hour before he passed.

But, the driver I was to work with (Mark Holden) had a pretty exciting weekend. He's owned a '92 Sentra SE-R for many years (well....several of them, for many many years), and raced it several times over the last few years. I've worked with him for most of those events.

His car at LSPR. Photo Credit: Sam Morales

He just posted a recap to Facebook......I was going to post it here, but apparently it's 9130 characters too
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