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New engine for the Z

Well the time has come to put a new engine in my Datsun. Finished the body(see body resto here: for the most part so now its time for the engine. I racked my brain for the last 2 years about what I would put in. I knew it would come down to the right deal. A fellow Datsun junkie approched me about my set of triple webbers on my Z. We got to talking and worked out a trade for my carbs for an SR, mounts, drive shaft and wire harness. That was a deal I couldn't pass up. Now before you think I robbed the guy, the SR does need a rebuild, which I am cool with. I was told from him that when hitting boost the dip stick popped out and pushed oil out of it. So the crank case was pressurizing. Usually 1 of 2 things wrong, PCV system or a piston issue. I couldnt get lucky enough to have a PCV issue so here is what I found....
The last pic looks WAY worse than it really is. Block and head are currently at the machine shop and I am awaiting a call for the final verdict.
The plans are a full rebuild. Pistons, rods, bearings and a balance. I am having him go through the head and make sure everything is fresh and good.

This is what I have so far:
Mckinney Motorsports full mount set
Mckinney Motorsports Driveshaft
Wiring Specialties S14 to 240z Pro wiring harness
550cc injectors


Future build plans are a little up in the air. I am still trying to figure out a good ECU to use and what turbo to use. I will post updates as it goes.


  • We have established that whole "SR20" feud and such, but let me be the first to say that I cant wait for you to get this put in and boost the shit out of it. Should be a fun Nismo rocket fo shizzle!
  • Thanks man. Yea, it was a decision, but one that was though out. I wouldnt have done it if there wernt some obvious advantages.
  • Nice! Should be a really fun car when it's all wrapped up. Personally I would run the smallest turbo that provides the biggest powerband. The T25 always shocked me at how aggressively the power came on. My favorite cars to drive were always cars where smaller turbos are maxed out.

    Waiting on wasn't my favorite experience.

    Either way, sounds like a fun option in that light car.
  • Updates?
  • More pics!
  • yes engine bay pics!
  • Burnout pics!
  • Pics or it never happened
  • Fuck it l series stroker
  • Is this done yet?
  • Somebody is too indecisive
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