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1992 Subaru Legacy 2.2 Turbo 5 speed

edited August 2015 in Cars
1992 Subaru Legacy 2.2 Turbo 5 speed
139k miles on chassis

Weisco pistons. 020 over, sti rods, acl bearings machining at midwest, shortblock assembled by phil at svs
td04 wrx turbo
wrx tmic
3" Turbo back
Walbaro 255 fuel pump
turbo XS manual boost controller
wrx sti motor mounts
brand new wrx clutch and flywheel
new plugs and granetelli spark plug wires
wrx steering wheel
boost guage
new brake pads/rotors all around and new front calipers
new valve cover gaskets
custom hood scoop from newer gen legacy
new battery
winterforce tires

4 - Hella 500 series rally lights
2004 sti struts/springs
hella supertones loud horns

the bad:
there is rust, but you should know by now this isn't meant to be a pretty car.
misfires occasionally under heavy rain, not sure why
struts are completely shot, hence the 2004 sti struts^
power steering pump leaks
front blinker lenses held in by duct tape
rally lights need to be re-wired and mounted
horns need to be wired and mounted
one winterforce tire has a slow leak
driver's side speaker is shot, will throw in free 5" speakers

I'd like to see $2500 for this with all the optional stuff. This is a fun as shit vehicle, perfect for dirt roads and MN winter, I really wish I could keep it but I gotta reduce my fleet. Once the suspension is installed it will be quite a monster. Hit me up on here or facebook or whatever. If you don't want the struts or lights or horns I'll let it go for 2
photo 1.jpg
800 x 598 - 379K
photo 2.jpg
800 x 598 - 459K
photo 3.jpg
800 x 598 - 420K
photo 4.jpg
800 x 598 - 390K
photo 5.jpg
800 x 598 - 502K
photo 6.jpg
800 x 598 - 542K
photo 7.jpg
800 x 598 - 473K
photo 8.jpg
800 x 598 - 488K
photo 9.jpg
800 x 598 - 350K
photo 10.jpg
800 x 598 - 468K


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