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'83 BMW E21 Build

The forum could use a little activity, so I'll start sharing my build progress for the E21.

I purchased the car in 2016 from Ryan, another D-SCE OG. It has a built 2L M10 on side drafts.
It's a really fun car when it is willing to cooperate which for me, as a carb novice, seems to be rare.

I was able to get it out for Powercruise in 2016 which was a blast and the car performed decently. Powercruise isn't really it's ideal event given how insanely low it is geared but it made some nice passes and cornered like a boss.

That winter I started pondering my options for swaps. There are plenty of BMW engines that could work, many that require substantial work to fit and even more substantial funds to build should I ever want to push the car further. I started considering other platforms and it came down to either an F20C from an S2000 or an SR20 (everyone knows where these come from).
I decided to go with an SR20 for their price and ease of producing reliable power with the right parts and tune.

Well here is what went down:

It's been a slow build due to many personal reasons over 2017, and the increased demand from my side business doing powdercoating and restoration. The build will take the winter of 2017/18 to become a driver but throughout this time will be done right which is my primary focus.

Here is the E21 at Powercruise 2016:

And a random photo that I love.
2720 x 1836 - 3M
Powercruise 2016.jpg
960 x 540 - 48K
4519 x 2541 - 7M


  • i bet that pulled a pretty penny a week before race wars
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