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edited February 2013 in Rides
My only ride of interest isn't a car, but it does float. Most of the time at least.. sometimes it almost sinks.

Some specs of interest:
The Tonic is a Parker Dawson 26, and is 25'11" end to end.
It weighs about 8000lbs, and can fly on the water at 3 knots with it's 8hp 1 cylinder diesel engine.
Luckily, it only needs about 20" of water which lets me get into a cheap dock. When the keel is swung down, it pulls about 5'4" draft after 75 turns of the winch.
"Comfortably" sleeps 6, and is fully equipped with all the bourbon you can handle.
If anyone knows how to sail, I should probably learn at some point..


  • Spiniker!!!! Haha I know a sailing work or two. I've crewed one boat in the races and sailed those little two person boats many a time... so I am useless to you... however, I enjoy Gin and Rum so we will have successful voyages this summer... hopefully the coast guard dont have to come rescue us
  • Awesome boat. I used to work at Barkers island in high school and sail with my coworkers all the time.
  • Boo yea for sailing.
    31' Pearson checking in here.
    Apostle Islands are a great place to check out and I highly recommend going to raceweek and crewing. But I bet you knew that.

  • It's been pretty fun so far, with nothing 'major' going wrong aside for that time where we took on an alarming amount of water on lake superior. Or that time we got stuck in the bay and cut the main halyard in half. Or that time the motor cut out and we nearly ran into another (much nicer) boat.. good times..

    That's a fine Pearson, Scruffy!
  • Yea sounds like just a *few* hiccups for you. All in learning right?
  • It's what I get for buying a sailboat before knowing how to sail.. Hard to argue with the price paid though, and it's a cool little boat that doesn't need a massive amount of work.
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