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Weekly Tuesday Car Meets

edited April 2014 in Meets and Events
Every Tuesday the crew meets up at Port Terminal (under the Blatnik bridge, MN side). There we stand around and BS until we finally decide where to eat at which requires the supervision of our resident "Den Mother", Kelsey, as coined by Max. Without her we are lost, haha.

So here are the details:

Every Tuesday @ Port Terminal parking lot. 6:30pm

See you all there!


  • Be there or be square, but don't be late in the winter months, we're usually gone by 6:40, the technical meet time has always been 6:30 (it seems Jake left that out) but when it's cold we decided and leave pretty quick.
  • Ha, oops, I missed that.

    Yay car meets! I'll actually attend one soon once my Tuesday nights open back up!
  • yeah you people should go tonight!
  • Wish I could have made it. Planned on leaving work at 4pm today, ended up leaving at 6:45... wah waaaaah
  • I will be attending a random summer meet this year.
  • Last night was a good meet, 12 people showed up, hopefully the trend continues
  • Starting sometime in the next couple weeks, I start working a normal schedule of days.....maybe I'll start showing up again
  • MEET.. you should show up...yeah i mean you :geek:
  • its nice out...go there
  • Goin there.
  • hmmmm.....
  • Hmmmm. As in you should go?
  • Well hopefully the weather holds out for the BBQ tonight.
  • That was a blast last night!
  • yea, it was fun. wish i coulda been out longer, lol.
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