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My old sweetheart!

edited February 2013 in Rides
Here was my latest project that has since gone down the road. Time to do a build and challenge myself!


  • your welcome
  • Not her in its finest hour but it will do!
  • Beautiful car! Colors are very nice. What kind of shape was it in when you started on her?
  • Bumpers were rusted paint was dull stock suspension, lowered the front 5" 2" in the rear a whole new front end steering components. New bumpers n grill I had did lots to it! More then what was seen in the pic here
  • Very cool, great looking car. That must have been quite the changed to lower the front 5"
  • Yeah it was a major change for sure, the ride went from plush to I now know where every crack in the road is on tower ave!
    Next would like to build a hot rod/ rat rod!
  • Man, I love those cars! I am a fan of the bigger wheel hot rods too. I know a lot of guys arent, but I think they look sexy. Nice ride man!
  • Thanks, I was on 15's in the first pic believe they were called a hopster by AR then in the second pic I was on 18/20's from billet specialties, ended up going to 17/18's so I had a little more tire sidewall to get some ride back but keep that sweet look. Those wheels were from Coys wheels, check them out they have very affordable wheel and tire packages!
  • Love the Hopsters. If I ever ditch the smoothies on my Karmann Ghia I'll probably toss those on it.
  • DAMMMMMNNNNN That's a hot ride!
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